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Divorce & Separation

Pima County Legal Separation and Divorce Lawyers

It is vital to have an attorney who can relate to your unique situation in a divorce case. Facing separation or divorce is not easy, especially when the matter involves children or questions about who will be awarded certain property and who will be responsible for paying debts. Our law firm works to understand your particular situation and your goals so that your rights, along with those of your children, are protected into the future.

Stolar & Pollins, PLLC, is a mother-daughter team of Tucson attorneys with 39 years of combined legal experience. We are dedicated to our clients and to protecting their interests. Separation and divorce are very serious matters. We prepare each case thoroughly and help each client understand all of the legal aspects of their particular family law situation. We identify the strengths and weaknesses of each case and help clarify the misconceptions that may exist about divorce or separation, so that our clients are able to make informed decisions about each issue in their case. We do not use a, "cookie cutter," approach to any case.

Contact us online to schedule a consultation with our Tucson divorce lawyers, or call us at 520-441-6846. We return phone calls promptly.

Serving Your Needs in Divorce

You may have concerns about how long the process can take or how expensive it can become. We strive to be thorough and efficient while working to achieve your goals. We will help you gain an understanding of anticipated timelines and expenses. We work with tax and other professional experts to help plan ahead to meet your objectives. We are not a,"high-volume," law firm. Each attorney keeps a low case load which means we are able to devote the time necessary to each individual client's case.

We strive to settle divorce cases amicably, but, we are thoroughly prepared to litigate when necessary. The process can become complex, but we work diligently to be as effective and efficient as possible, helping you understand the process.

We also handle several other key aspects of divorce, including:

  • Military divorce - Our team is experienced in military divorces and the unique needs and goals of military families.
  • Uncontested divorce - A streamlined divorce process in which the parties have no remaining disagreements or one party fails to respond to the Petition for Dissolution of Marriage to contest any aspect of the divorce. Legal representation is still recommended to ensure all issues are accounted for.
  • Division of property - Arizona is a community property state. Assets and debts will be divided according to Arizona community property laws. We advocate for your community property interests.
Protecting Your Rights, Now And In The Future

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