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Tucson Child Support Enforcement Lawyers

Helping You Enforce Court Orders After Your Divorce

After the divorce decree has been entered by the court, each party is required to follow the orders as set forth in the divorce decree. If your former spouse has failed to comply with court orders, you have the right to seek help from the court by going back to the Arizona court and seeking enforcement of the terms of the decree. The orders in your divorce decree can then be enforced, and if your ex-spouse fails to follow the court orders, he or she may be found in contempt of court and sanctioned.

Some common issues that need to be enforced are:

Whether an individual is unable to pay or is willfully and intentionally failing to pay, you have the right to insist that the orders be followed.

At Stolar & Pollins, PLLC, we work diligently to see that the letter of the law is followed when your ex-spouse is failing to hold up his or her end of the deal. We will file the request to enforce court orders and pursue it to the end. While we always prefer to work things out in negotiation, we are always prepared to litigate in order to achieve your goals.

For more information about our Tucson child support enforcement attorneys, please call us at 520-441-6846 or contact us online.

Pima County Attorneys Handling Contempt Of Court Orders

Our mother-daughter team of lawyers will educate you as to all of your options so that you can make the best decision as you go after your ex-spouse for enforcement of court orders. If your spouse is found in contempt of court for failing to pay child support, it may result in a warrant being issued for his or her arrest. Enforcement may result in garnishment of wages or other income.

We take a hands-on approach to the law, giving you focused attention and bringing you into all decisions and actions. We communicate clearly about possibilities and consequences so that you understand exactly what is going on in your case. We always assess the strengths and weaknesses in your case so that we are able to give you the best and most professional representation.

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Contact us to discuss your unique family law situation and discover how our breadth of services can help you achieve your goals. Our lawyers are accommodating to your needs. We can be reached by phone at 520-441-6846, and we return phone calls promptly.

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