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Tucson Support Modifications Lawyers

Representing Your Side Of The Story When Circumstances Change

As time goes on, things will change in everyone's life. One parent may lose a job or get a better one. Children will get involved in different activities that will need to be accommodated in the parenting time schedule. With the many twists and turns that life takes, you may find that something about your current arrangement needs to be modified or changed.

Typical changes that need to be made may include:

  • Child support modifications: If one parent loses a job or gets a better job, child support payments may need to be adjusted accordingly. These changes are not retroactive.
  • Spousal maintenance modifications: If the supported spouse gets a job, or if he or she continues to be unable to support himself or herself beyond the court-ordered time period, spousal maintenance payments may need to be adjusted. If the paying spouse has a change in circumstances, this may also affect spousal maintenance. However, if the spouses agree to non-modifiable spousal maintenance at the time the divorce is finalized, there can be no modifications as to amount or duration regardless of the changed circumstances.
  • Child custody and parenting time modification: As children get older, their interests change, as do their schedules. You may wish to modify your parenting time agreement to reflect these changed circumstances. Adjustments to parenting time may cause changes in child support requirements.
  • Parent and child relocation: If one parent wants to relocate to another city or state for any reason and also wishes to take the children, this will necessarily cause a major change in the current court-ordered custody and parenting time arrangement. Any major change in custody or parenting time caused by a relocation of one of the parents must either be acceptable to both parents and a new order entered by the court or alternatively, determined by the court at a trial, whether the relocating parent is permitted to relocate with the child.

At Stolar & Pollins, PLLC, we listen closely to your circumstances and how they have changed in order to show proof that you require a modification to your original court orders. Our mother-daughter team of lawyers will work closely with you to determine what your needs are and how to alter your current agreements to accommodate the changes in your life.

For more information about working with our Tucson support modifications attorneys, please call us at 520-441-6846 or contact us online.

Pima County Custody Modifications Attorneys

In Arizona, it is legal to conduct your divorce yourself. However, there are a great many issues and details that need to be addressed, many of which fall through the cracks for do-it-yourselfers. There are some issues involving the division of property and debt which may not be modifiable once the court enters the divorce decree.

If you have handled your own divorce and now find that you need or want to make modifications to your court orders to clarify decisions you made, or perhaps, to establish precedent for future decisions, we may be able to help after we have reviewed your court file.

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