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Tucson Paternity Lawyers

Establishing The Rights And Responsibilities For Fathers Of Children Out Of Wedlock

Every parent has a responsibility to contribute to his or her child's life. When a child is born outside of marriage, a mother's rights are inherent. Father's rights are not. A father needs to establish paternity to have parental rights. A court order is necessary to establish paternity

Putting the father's name on the birth certificate does not necessarily establish paternity. To establish paternity, parents can sign a voluntary acknowledgement of paternity, a mother can file a petition to establish paternity, the father can admit parentage, or DNA testing can be done to establish a father's legitimate connection to his child.

At Stolar & Pollins, PLLC, we help parents on both sides of the issue of paternity. Whether you are a father who wants to be able to see his child, or who has a paternity suit brought against him, or whether you are a mother who wants to receive child support, we will provide professional representation while giving personal attention to your case. We will educate you as to the possible outcomes of your decisions, and we keep you and your goals at the center of your case.

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Pima County Parental Rights Attorneys

Establishing paternity is beneficial for parents who are cohabitating and have been in a long-term relationship, and who have children together out of wedlock. A court order of paternity gives the father rights to make important decisions regarding his children which include medical and educational issues and will also establish the child's rights of inheritance from his or her father. Establishing paternity is not adversarial, it is taking responsibility for your child and stepping up to be in your child's life legally as well as physically. Once you establish those rights, they cannot be taken away from you in the future.

Stolar & Pollins will use our more than 39 years of combined experience practicing law to find the right solution for you and your partner. Each member of our mother-daughter team of lawyers brings her own skills and expertise to your case. They work together to guide you through the legal process of establishing your rights.

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